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How you can help

The team at ISA (Indigenous Supply Australia) believe the best way to create change in our remote communities is through education. We are committed to ensuring profits from sales are distributed to indigenous communities through education tools and programs where our product will have its end use.

We have adopted a structured approach and formalised an ongoing process where we can give back to the community through education and not for profit organisations operating within the community. Currently supporting mature scholarship programs our aim is to have our own scholarship program where we can place young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and provide them with further education to optimise their future.

ISA currently operates with a scaled approach when contributing to our education program and with further engagement from business’s looking to support us we hope to reach a minimum contribution level to enable us to place at least 10 students per year through higher education.

ISA operates with the vision to keep overhead costs minimal; we engage with suppliers that are invested in bridging the education gap and our aim is to ensure that products and services remain competitive without compromising on quality. These two factors alone ensure that our customers can contribute to the education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth without having to compromise on price or quality of products when making the switch to support ISA.


Please feel free to contact our team to learn more on how you can support us support our communities.

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